Substance Abuse Support

Substance Abuse Support


Are you or a loved one suffering from the destruction that comes with substance abuse? Resolutions is committed to providing warm, caring, and respectful patient care for those afflicted with issues of substance abuse or addiction.

Solving more than just an addiction

We approach addiction from every angle, so can solve problems in your life that are direct consequences of your substance use and abuse. We accomplish this by offering extended and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Substance Abuse Stops Here:

  • Individualized extended and intensive treatment
  • Court ordered OW assessments
  • Treatment for adults and adolescents
  • Small therapy groups
  • Alcohol diversion programs
  • Marijuana diversion programs
  • .12 OWI course
  • Weekend treatment programs

We’re available when you need us:

  • 24-hour crisis hot line
  • Bilingual services
  • Payment plans

Understanding the bigger picture

We also offer comprehensive assessments to help you understand and identify how alcohol and drugs are negatively affecting your life. These assessments evaluate if you are in need of further interventions through gathered information including substance abuse history, psychiatric history, family history, social history, health history, and legal history.